‘So Much For Silver Linings’ out September 22nd


We are very proud to announce our new full length ‘So Much For Silver Linings’ comes out September 22nd on Shield Recordings (eu), Umlaut Records (uk), Waterslide Records (japan) and Trilob Records (tapes).

After we took lots of time, energy and creativity in writing 10 melodic punkrock songs we started recording our new full length with Jasper van den Broek in November 2016. With help from Adrian Delange (assisted on vocal recordings and did guestvocals), Walter Poppelaars and Catherine Cameron (Walter recorded violin parts played by Catherine) and Jochem Jacobs (mastered the record) this record became our best work to date. A very big thanks to these people.

We are very thankful of the trust these labels put in us by helping release ‘So Much For Silver Linings’:

Shield Recordings is one of the or maybe just the finest punkrock label of NL/Europe with awesome releases by bands like The Real Danger, Sweet Empire, DeeCracks, The Windowsill, Dead To Me… this list goes on and on and we are really proud to be part of it! Shield is covering the LP, CD and digital release. Watch out for some cool pre-orders coming soon.

Umlaut Records is an upcoming punkrock label from London and is covering the LP and CD release in the UK. These guys put lots of effort in releasing records and putting up awesome shows. They have released records of our friends in Coral Springs, Eat Defeat, Mug, Burnt Tapes and Umlaut is getting bigger and bigger! Much love for the Umlaut guys! They’re doing pre-orders too so UK friends, keep in touch.

Waterslide Records helped us out from nearly the start of the band 10 years ago, selling the majority of our first full length in Japan and keeping in touch with us ever since. We are very thankful of Mr. Kazu doing the CD distribution in Japan, sugoi!

Trilob Records is going to be our ‘tape-boss’ for a second time, doing a run of cassette tapes of our new record. This time it will come with a downloadcard too, so you can keep that tape in your tapedeck รกnd listen to the songs on your computer/phone/whatever! Dirk Trilob tapeboss for president!

We’ll have our releaseshow on friday October 6th at Pier15 in Breda. This is going to be an awesome night! More info about this will come within a few weeks. Save the date!

More news about the record, pre-orders, the releaseshow coming soon!

Upcoming shows

dowzer fb banner 828 x 465 px_mrt2017

2017 has already been a busy year, working hard on the new record, which will be released after summer! Also played cool shows with great bands, made new friends and we’re seeing lots of friends and new faces at the shows.

We’re heading to the UK, Belgium and doing some shows in the Netherlands for the coming weeks. Check our shows and keep up to date on our Facebook and Instagram.