Video for ‘Broken Record’ and looking back on 2017

Here is the second video off ‘So Much For Silver Linings’, the official video for ‘Broken Record’. The video sums up what 2017 was for us, our best year yet!

In 2017 we released what, in our opinion, is our best work yet with ‘So Much For Silver Linings’. Still a bit unbelievable it gets picked up really well and we’re very grateful for Shield, Umlaut, Waterslide and Trilob records for helping releasing it. Also great to see so many friends at our release show at Pier15 Breda.

2017 was also one of the busiest years for us with shows. We got to play with old friends (Coral Springs, Running Late, Altitude), new friends (Generation84, Camp High Gain, The Hearted, Müg, Ink Bomb, Barney’s Ego just to name a few) and supercool to play with bands we are listening to since we were kids like I Against I, Consumed and not to forget Undeclinable Ambuscade. We played small venues, big venues, festivals, nearby and further away in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and we went to the UK twice.

We like to thank the following people for a great 2017:
Jasper van den Broek (for recording, filling in on guitar, ‘soundguying’ at the release and for all the darkest humor you could imagine), Bram Bergs (for making the ‘Hindsight Bias Blues’ video, filling in on bass and for being the great roadie eating all the backstage chips), Gert-Jan de Leeuw and Mike Thomas in particular for making the ‘SMFSL’ release happen, the labels Shield, Umlaut, Waterslide and Trilob for their trust, big love to our Dowzer crew Marta Alex Tur, Richelon Florentina, Amanda van Hooijdonk, Erik van Haaren for helping at the shows, massive thanks to Dennis, Richie and again Mike for offering us a place to sleep at our UK weekender, thanks all bookers, all bands, everyone showing up at our shows (extra thanks to Andy, Freek, Kleine, Ome Took, Siebe and Jo). It means a lot to us and let’s make 2018 even better!

The ‘Broken Record’ video is filmed by Marta Alex Tur, Bram Bergs, Siebe Anes, Amanda van Hooijdonk, Sam Bosmans/Niek Bosmans/Joren Mesens of Barney’s Ego and Femke Broekhuijsen at the following events: El Topo Goes Loco Fest – Mol (be), AZ – Aachen (d), Cafe Jaxx – Roosendaal (nl), Galder (nl), Dugfest – New Cross Inn (uk), Undeclinable Ambuscade last show – W2 Den Bosch (nl), Nirwana – Dronten (nl), Kleine Koosjer’s Birthday Bash – Leiden (nl), Studio Gonz – Gouda (nl).

‘So Much For Silver Linings’ is out today!


Very proud to present you our new full length ‘So Much For Silver Linings’!

Get a copy at our releaseshow, through bandcamp or at one of our labels:
Shield Recordings, Umlaut Records, Waterslide Records, Trilob Records
Check it out on Bandcamp, Spotify, Itunes, Deezer.

The record is out on CD, coloured vinyl, limited tape and digital. We also have new shirts and totebags, order them here!

Video for ‘Hindsight Bias Blues’

Official video for ‘Hindsight Bias Blues’ off the album ‘So Much For Silver Linings’. Out September 22nd on Shield Recordings, Umlaut Records, Waterslide Records and Trilob Records. Video by Bram Bergs, additional filming by Marta Alex Tur.

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