2016 so far

2 weeks ago we played our first shows with the new line up.
First up was at Cafe Jaxx in Roosendaal together with The Broken Anchors and For I Am.
Great to see a lot of familiar faces and to play again since November. Thank you once again Cafe Jaxx, the bands, Nous for the pics, Bram for the movies and everyone showing up! After that we had another blast at a private party with a midnight show!

Next up are shows with Sidewalk, Astpai, Hoist the Colours and more and still adding/looking for more new shows. See you in the pit / at the bar!

And next to playing shows we’re writing new songs like crazy, slowly looking into recording new stuff later on this year. And and and next to all of this our drummerboy Remy will become a father in April, crazy times ahead!
(all pics by Nous Doavise, movies by Bram Schouw)

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Say hello to the new Dowzer!


This year was a good year for Dowzer, played shows in new and familiar places with new and familiar faces, got great response on and a bigger audience to listen to our record Bummercamp, put out an awesome video for Bottomless Pits thanks to our buddy Bram Bergs and went on a great 4 day tour (first time in Austria and 2 awesome shows in Germany). We can only hope to repeat more of the things we mentioned here in the next year. A few weeks ago we played our last show with Bart, thank you for the 4 years you were a part of the band. This leads to a new chapter in Dowzer:

New line up:
We are glad to announce we have found a new member in Tim Klaassen. We know him for quite some years, playing shows with his previous bands (New Pokerface, The Law Won) in the past. Next to playing guitar, Tim will also sing (lead and backings) on new material, which we are working on as we speak. We are really looking forward to what the new year will bring for us and hope to see you there!


Bummertour Tourreport!

A week ago we went on a small tour / long weekender and it was great!
Wednesday morning we gathered at Dowzer headquarters in Sprundel Rockcity and left at 5am, heading to our first show at the PMK in Innsbruck. Arrived at 4pm and getting ready for the show. We played a show with Vlasta Popic from Croatia. After that we stayed the night at Kevin Aper. After breakfast and some Monster Zero shopping (subtle advertising move there) we were heading to SUB in Graz.

Driving through Austria is awesome, snowy mountains and everything! Arrived at SUB, ate delicious meatless meatloaf, did an interview where Remy confessed his love for Bon Jovi and that night we played with White Hand Gibbon, Mobina Galore and Be!Tiger. Slept just 3 steps away from the venue, just to wake up early and drive to Germersheim!

After breakfast, seeing some residents drink huge glasses of beer at 10am, because the coffeemachine was broke at the coffeeshop, driving for hours we arrived at Königskeller, ate pasta at a restaurant, played with Look Time Apes and The Deadnotes that night, slept just 10 steps away from the venue, had breakfast and up to Freiburg!

This was the last night. After checking out Freiburg city we went to KTC. The venue’s a huuuuge squad, awesome place. We played with Sporr and Choked by Gum at a packed venue, what a way to end the 4 day adventure! We are already craving for new touradventures…

We like to thank everyone that helped us out in any way (offering a place to play, to sleep, to eat, people coming out to the shows), a special thanks goes out to our buddy Bram Bergs for being the best roadie/merchie/navigator we could wish for!

Watch the movie and check out the pics on our facebookpage!