So much for 2020

Hey everybody!

How’s everyone’s holding up?
Like all other bands our plans for 2020 got thrown in the bin because of.. well we know right?

Still a small update from the Dowzer camp:

Postponed studio dates
We would hit the Big Dog Recording studios in April. That became June, then August, then October.. let’s say we are aiming for new dates in 2021. At the moment we have a few songs ready for recording and a few others we’re working on as we speak.
Despite all the postponing we are really looking forward to recording new music!

New merchandise

Get a brand new shirt or a lightweight hoodie at our own bandcamp merchsection
or check out our updated merchpage at our Epic Merch Store buddies and pick up exclusive Dowzer merchandise next to other great added bands like Pulley, Useless ID, Implants and loads of Dutch punkrock buddies!

Punk Rock Holiday 2021
Last year a shared dream came true when we got the good news that we were playing the Beach Stage at PRH. What a bummer there was no choice of postponing the complete festival to 2021. But no worries, we will be there! So we hope to see you all in Tolmin, Slovenia in the summer of 2021!

New Dowzer baby on the way
No, we’re not talking about new music now. Sandra is expecting a baby girl end of the year!

All the Dowzer news for now, we’ll keep you posted!

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2020 update!
Slowly getting out of hibernation;

Sat 28.03 we’re playing Leiden at
Kleine Koosjer’s Birthday Bash: R*@*D-Dowzer-Wasei Hey! Go! (+?)

In april we will head out to Big Dog Recordings to record new tunes, expect something new before we go to PRH this summer 🔥🎉 .

In august we will head out to Punk Rock Holiday , we might need a show in Germany/Austria/Italy on the way so give us a heads up!
We sold out all tickets, thank you all

We’re busy with new shows, send us a message if you want to book us🙌

Stay tuned for more!

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We’re playing Punk Rock Holiday 2020!


Beyond stoked to be playing Punk Rock Holiday‘s beach stage next year!!!
It’s a major milestone and dream coming true…

Check out our ticket deals for Punk Rock Holiday:
Tickets are for the complete festival:
Ticket + CD of choice: € 125
Ticket + LP: € 130
Ticket + Shirt+CD of choice: € 130
Ticket + Exclusive hoodie + CD: € 140!

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