About us

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Since 2007 Dowzer is creating their own blend of melodic punkrock. With twists of poppunk and alternative rock, mixed with vocal harmonies, catchy riffs and experience from former and current bands like St. Plaster, Camp High Gain and New Pokerface. Playing shows all over Europe and with noteworthy bands as Frenzal Rhomb, Red City Radio, Undeclinable Ambuscade and releasing records in Europe and Japan.

2022 will embark the fifteenth anniversary with a show on the Punk Rock Holiday festival in Slovenia and the release of new music recorded with Tim van Doorn at Big Dog Recordings.

Dowzer is:

Deny Putman: Vocals + Guitar
Tim Klaassen: Vocals + Guitar
Sandra Heeren: Vocals + Bass
Remy Dekkers: Drums