About us

Dowzer-postcard-foto-17In their ten years of existence Dowzer has created their own blend of punkrock which pops with melody and vocal harmonies, but also bursts with power and versatility to keep you on the edge of your seat. After playing shows all over Europe, putting out records reaching from Breda, the Netherlands to Tokyo, Japan and gaining experience from former bands (New Pokerface, Harsh Realms, This City Shines, Delychees) this band has grown to a punkrock bullet train that can’t be stopped and you shouldn’t miss out on.

Dowzer is very proud to announce new full length ‘So Much For Silver Linings’. Released September 22nd 2017 on Shield Recordings (eu), Umlaut Records (uk), Waterslide Records (japan) and Trilob Records (tapes). After they’ve put lots of time, energy and creativity in writing 10 melodic punkrock songs they have started recording a new full length with Jasper van den Broek in November 2016. With help from Adrian Delange (assisted on vocal recordings and did guestvocals), Walter Poppelaars and Catherine Cameron (Walter recorded violin parts played by Catherine) and Jochem Jacobs (mastered the record) this record became their best work to date.

Dowzer is:
Deny Putman: Vocals + Guitar
Sandra Heeren: Vocals + Bass
Tim Klaassen: Vocals + Guitar
Remy Dekkers: Drums