2018 comes to an end!

Hello everybody!

So 2018 comes to an end and it has been an amazing year for us. In our previous post we talked about the first half, the second half was also gooood. Had a great time playing support for our heroes from our youth Frenzal Rhomb together with buds F.O.D., played ‘Patatland’ with the always charming Friet uh.. Sweet Empire, had substitutes Jasper and Bram for two shows, played the Factory Festival and enjoyed Slotterfest a bit too much 😛 Did a great UK weekender including human pyramids and rowboats and had a very enjoying midweek show in Hove, Belgium with Altitude, Wasei Hey! Go! and the All Star Wedding Band.

Here’s a video of ‘Broken Record’ at the show in Hove, shot by Max!

And what does 2019 bring for Dowzer?
Off course a show here and there, but… in February/March our drumbeast Remy is expecting a little girl! So around that time we will focus on new tunes (just like we are now at the moment). We hope to see you all in spring/summer or at the just announced show FOW Fest Winter Edition!
Have an awesome holiday season, stuff your face and drink like there’s no tomorrow.. see you in 2019!