2018 so far

Hidyho diehard Dowzer fanatics and people who are just checking out the page!

2018 has past the 50% mark and summer holidays are on the way. A good moment to look back on what we’ve done so far this year.

First show of the year was in Belgium with our buddies Barney’s Ego. Always a pleasure sharing the stage with good people and off course.. punkshows in Belgium ❤
Please help us get more shows in Belgium!
Up next were some local shows, a new experience of being the ‘in between interviews band’ in Nijmegen and Uden for writers Leon Verdonschot and Henk Verstraten (thank you Marjolein for the opportunity!), worth to mention the Punksteren show in Eindhoven which was one of the funnest shows we played (Ink Bomb‘s Quirijn should take some diving lessons next time haha) and we had two very cool supportslot shows with Counterpunch and Red City Radio!

Next to playing shows we’ve spoken to lots of old but also lots of new friends that picked up So Much For Silver Linings, thank you all for the kind words! It means the world to us. Pick up an LP, CD or a tape at the next show or order it online, or off course get your Dowzer fix the digital way on bandcamp, spotify, itunes, .. wherever!

Right now we’ll take a short summerbreak, slowly starting writing new songs and getting ready for our upcoming shows, (we’re playing with Frenzal Rhomb in October!! 16 year old Deny is already stoked/siked/stiked/soaked!). See you very soon!

Tim – Sandra – Remy – Deny