Kintsugi: Chapter One out NOW!

Check the link:

Or stream it directly here:

We are incredibly proud these songs are finally released and a massive thank you goes out to Shield Recordings , Big Dog Recordings , Kasper and Laura for making this happen!

Now go listen to our new EP while we are working on the next chapters, stay tuned!

Kintsugi Chapter One out digitally July 8th!

Get excited! Five years after our latest full length we will bring you this brand new 3 song EP: Kintsugi Chapter One. Chapter One? Yes, more on that later! Friday July 8th the EP will be released digitally on all streaming platforms thanks to Shield Recordings.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Tim van Doorn @ Big Dog Recordings.
Photography and artwork by Kasper Buijs, Laura Valentijn and Deny Putman.
Released digitally by Shield Recordings.

Bye 2021, hello 2022!

Been a while and another semi-lockdown year has passed. Instead of drowning in sad bad news let’s bring good news!

Spotify account on point!
We have finally merged two ‘Dowzer’ accounts and now our full discography can be found in one place. Our latest full length ‘So much‘ was our main goal, but we believe some old fans couldn’t find the previous records and for new listeners: were you aware of our back catalog? Take a listen to ‘Bummercamp‘, our EP ‘Facing Paper Tigers‘ and our classic debut records ‘Not as plant‘ and ‘Concrete Smiles at Aisle Five‘.

New year, new plans, new music!
In November 2021 we finally started recording with Tim van Doorn at Big Dog Recordings. It’s new stuff since our latest record from 2017 and we are all overwhelmed by the result. Oh how we all know the cliche’s, but this music is yet again our best work yet. A little bit of ‘classic Dowzer’ here, a little bit of new influences there, a pinch of ‘oh what’s this then?’ and a pinch of ‘okay Big Dog Tim, show us some of your magic too’…. we can barely wait to present the new music.

But there’s often not room for ‘another first impression’, so just a little patience before we satisfy your eardrums with melodic poppunk/punkrock/whatever name you wanna give the new songs!

Punk Rock Holiday 2022
Copy paste the message from last year, only this year we’re optimistic this summer will happen:
Last year (2020) a shared dream came true when we got the good news that we were playing the Beach Stage at PRH. What a bummer there was no choice of postponing the complete festival to 2021 (whoops, let’s make that 2022). But no worries, we will be there! So we hope to see you all in Tolmin, Slovenia in the summer of 2021 2022!

TikTok, Linktree, anniversary time and more
Next to new music we have our 15th anniversary coming up this year and as mid-thirties/pushing 40 year olds we knew we couldn’t be much behind with the new generation and launched a TikTok account. Here we shall post some blasts from the past of the last 15 years, but also keep you up to date! Click the Linktree to get to all our social channels.
And we’re staying optimistic and hope we can see you all at new shows in the upcoming months!